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Retro Stuffs

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I love retro stuffs! Yes, I really do. I didn't know at first what to call them, but after looking online I found out that the things that I like are "retro". LOL. Yes, silly silly me! I love the hipstamatic app (because of the different lens, films, and flashes) on my phone just because the pictures looks like it was taken by one of those toy cameras! I think I'd like one of those martin retro series guitars, too. Yeah. Too bad I don't know how to play the guitar!

My current "thing" nowadays is getting a Cath Kidston bag (yes, the modern retro!)...too bad they are so far away and no store around here! The shipping fee is ginormous, hence am hesitant when it comes to ordering online from them. Oh well.

Maybe an angel will provide. lol. Or I can find someone (a balikbayan, hopefully) kind enough to buy one for me (and be gracious enough to wait for my payment when he/she gets home). Grasping on straws! LOL

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