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After the lens ...

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Every time we go to the mall we can't help but be bombarded by all the new things that's being sold on each store, and usually we can't help but drop by some of our fave gadget stores. lol.

Our old television (who's already more than a decade old) is still functioning (even if our youngest son plays with it a lot. and I do mean a lot) and doing fine, but has long since been outdated in terms of it's design. It takes up a lot of space, too. That's why we want to shift to one of those newer models, like the Samsung HDTV. Am not too sure, but I think they had a sale recently, and it was really tempting. We resisted, though, since I was bent on getting a new lens for the dslr that day... :)

But now that we have the lens ... well ... that's another story. :P

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