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Shaky hands ...

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One of the shots taken using the new macro lens ... my hands are shaky! i didn't use the tripod since i thought it wouldn't matter (boy, was i wrong! ugh).

Blame it all on the image stabilizer! lol. I took that feature for granted, but now i know. ;)

The newer macro lens has got an image stabilizer, while the one that i got doesn't. Budget, that's the reason. It is double the price (roughly around Php62T at the Canon store).

Oh well. That's ok. I love experimenting with it. So far. :D

2 shared thoughts:

MellJBrown at: Mon Jul 05, 04:33:00 PM GMT+8 said...

This is pretty amazing!
love macro, it makes everything more beautiful. i'm yet to invest in a macro lens for my Nikon yet though.

Feel free to check out my stuff

-m xx

maiylah at: Mon Jul 05, 10:02:00 PM GMT+8 said...

thanks Mell!
loved your reflection shot of the group and the ones with the sunlight. :)

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