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My husband's friend decided to try his luck in London a few years back, and it's a good thing he is lucky there! Initially, he had a hard time adapting to the weather (so different from our tropical weather!) and to his London accomodations, but after a few months he has come to love it. He stayed there for two years and worked as an engineer, then after that he got his family to stay with him there, too. It was one happy family reunion, he told us. He sent us pictures, and it did look like they had a fabulous time! Of course, his children had to adapt to the cold weather, too, but they adapted quickly enough; specially since they were enjoying their stay there, too!

He told us that while his family was quite new to London, they decided to go on trips to learn more about their adopted country. So far, they have already visited some of the Royal Gardens, the HMS Belfast, London Wetland Centre. They even got a London Pass so that they can have free entries and discounts on some theaters and other attractions.

When I asked about London accomodation, he said that they were fairly satisfied with it. He said that he gets his London accomodation deals from every time they go on trips. They have always been satisfied, specially with the low deals they've been getting. He really is lucky!
What about you? Going on a trip somewhere? Then visit and see what amazing deals they have over at their site! :)

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