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Had a fun time playing at this site earlier today:

Look at the result for "Picture Clusters":

21816 found. Displaying first 1000:
Securest Culprit
Surplices Cutter
Surplice Curtest
Surplice Cutters
Splice Structure
Crispest Culture
Triceps Cultures
Pictures Cluster
Pictures Cutlers
Picture Clusters
Trices Sculpture
Trice Sculptures
Electric Spurt Us .....

Well, you get the idea. Sooo funny! The first result really had me laughing ... Securest Culprit??!!!

Want to have fun, too? Just visit the site and see what it will produce once you write your blog's name, or your name (or whatever word) there! lol.

Actually, you can write any word there. ;P

1 shared thoughts:

farmingfriends at: Fri Oct 26, 09:25:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I had a go at this and farmingfriends got about 5000 different anagrams. It was fun.
Sara from farmingfriends

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