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My family and I used to live in the province and loved the environment there. It was definitely a far cry from where we are right now (urban area), but I do recall that we planned on staying there for long. We even made plans to check around designs for luxury homes, and even bought some magazines to show them to the contractor. But I guess that that dream had to wait for a while, since we had to move to the city because of hubby's job.

We don't regret moving (the schools available here for our son are just great!), since the place where we are right now is quite near my sister's place. It's wonderful to be near family again; my sister and I can catch up with how things are doing with her, and our children can get to play whenever they want! We're practically neighbors!

Still, there are times that I do miss our house at the province. I'm sure we'll get back there again; if not now, then maybe in the future. :)

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