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Staying fit for me means we have to do exercises, eat right, "think" right (I meant there the way we think; like don't harbor too many negative thoughts or ill wishes to others who you think have negatively touched your life), and learn to put more fun in your lifestyle to lessen the pressures and stress. This might sound like a big task, specially if you do everything at once, but I honestly believe that once you incorporate one thing at a time to your system, you'll be on your way to a healthier and happier you in no time! As for me, I have more or less diminished most of the stressful stuffs (I just don't want to think much of them anymore, lol) but I still have to get past that exercise thingy. Still, I hope it's a beginning.

There's this all-natural colloidal silver that is said to help maintain health as well as to boost the immune system, when taken at a certain dosage. Being very small (nanoparticles), it can then continue it's healing and anti-bacterial properties inside the body. But not all colloidal silver that are advertised are actually the beneficial type of colloidal silver, since they may be in another form, called silver ions. If you want to know the difference, here is a good read: Truth About Colloidal Silver.

To be healthy, we must discover natural ways how to stay that way, and for me personally, what matters is that I am happy with how things are doing, and that slowly but surely I am reaching my goal. :)

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