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Were you awarded a Structured Settlement?

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Our neighbor won the lottery a few years back, but I have never really known about it until it was almost a year when it happened. Nope, it wasn't because I didn't care, but it was because my family and I moved to another city when our neighbor won the lottery. Besides, she wasn't the type to flaunt it around. She was the type who just went about her daily day to day routine; going to work and fetching her son. What I also liked about her was that since she worked at our local government office (where all kinds of permits are approved), she always helps us if ever we go there. I certainly had no idea where her office was located, but when she saw me waiting outside one of the numerous windows, she beckoned me over. When I approached, she asked what I was doing there, and then she offered to help. It wasn't much, really (I honestly wasn't taking anybody else's space on a que), but I loved the idea that she offered to help! I honestly believe that she deserved that lottery prize.

I wasn't sure if she got her lottery through a Structured Settlement or if she got it lump sum. But there's this site that can help you maximize and also help you take control of your money via their Lump Sum Cash Option. Stone Capital Street can help clients with Structured Settlements get all or part of their money for their future benefits, without waiting for their monthly installments to arrive. It's really a good deal since it would be useful specially if the money is needed right away.

So the next time you encounter someone who just won big time, tell them to check out Stone Capital Street. I'm sure they'll be glad to have found another option to maximize their winnings.

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