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Colloidal Silver As A Supplement

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It's already the rainy season here in our part of the world, so respiratory problems are expected to rise up. We should take care of ourselves, by following proper exercises, eating healthy, and avoiding lots of stress. Of course, even if we follow those we still get sick every now and then, so it is safe to be taking supplements, too.

Mesosilver is pure silver in sub-nanometer sized particles suspended with pure deionized water; this is called a colloidal silver. Combining small particle size together with a high particle concentration, results in a far superior combination of properties, producing a colloidal silver product with the highest surface particle area. The higher the particle surface area, the more effective it is going to be, since that means that it will react more with it's environment. Silver particles are non-toxic to humans, and Mesosilver can be taken as a dietary supplement.

So, interested to use mesosilver as a supplement, but want to learn more? Then check out and see what other health products they have that you might be interested in, to boost your immune system.

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