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My husband's close friend has now migrated to London and so far he (together with his wife who is also working as a certified nurse), are doing great. He has been encouraging my hubby that we go and visit them at their new house. They have finally saved enough money to buy their own house and they have even also managed to get his wife a new car. So fortunate!

They celebrated their new fortune at a posh london restaurant which they have checked at a site called They wanted to make sure that they will have a great time, and not put up with any hassles that a celebration might incur. They liked the site because of the reviews from actual people who have eaten there, so that's why they have it bookmarked.

They told us that they had a good time and they expected us to be there the next time there is another celebration: the birth of their baby! Now that is a celebration that hubby and I wouldn't want to miss! Hopefully, it will coincide with the holidays, too. But if not, then I guess we just have to make preparations for it! :)

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