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Josh Groban (You're Still You)

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I saw my Josh Groban cd a while ago (i think it was his first one?!), and it brought back such wonderful memories ... but the one that I remember, while I was buying it, was of an elderly man beside me (almost in his 60s, or probably in his early 60s), who was also looking for something. Since he didn't get to find it right away, he asked the saleslady where he might be able to find a cassette tape of Josh Groban. I went like ...."cool!" He likes Josh Groban, too! :)

just shows that elderly people nowadays aren't as "rigid" as the elderly people during their days ... lol. :)

or does it?! ;P

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Anonymous at: Tue Oct 16, 08:27:00 AM GMT+8 said...

You call early 60's "elderly?"

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