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Soccer and Our Son

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Ever since the summer of last year (and last school year), my son can't stop talking about soccer. He has been egging us to let him enter their school's soccer team. He would then narrate excitedly about some of his schoolmates who are on the team, what they did, and what they talked about that day. I can still remember quite vividly the excitement from the way he talks and gesticulates when the topic is about soccer. I really enjoyed watching him tell me about it, and as much as possible, I try not to interrupt. He does get sidetracked at times, lol. But when talking about soccer, well, am not too sure if he will be distracted quite easily. So, we asked their coach where they will be practicing every weekend, then we found out that it was on a field a bit far from our place, and much further away from their school! Imagine our son's excitement go down when we told him about the situation, but he said he understands; he said he'll try out maybe after a couple or so of years from now. Awww, we sure do love him!

That didn't stop him from learning stuffs about soccer, though, so I googled what I can about soccer; and that's how I found out about Soccer Nets, Pop-Up Portable Junior Target Soccer Goal, and even portable soccer goals are available at their site. Now if ever we'll be needing soccer equipments we know where to go. It's best to be ready before the actual time comes. :)

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