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Baseball Equipment isn't really that easy to find around here, specially if you live in the province. Of course, they are relatively easy to find in bigger malls since those malls cater to a different range of clients.

Good thing there is this site called which caters to kids' baseball equipments. The site is easy to browse through, and once you get to the page the first thing that you'll see will be the "featured products". I think that's great since I won't have to click some more; most probably what I'm looking for is already there! They have stuffs from the official youth uniform NFL set (with optional shoulder pads), an MLB Pop A Pith Youth Pitching Machine, to a pop-up baseball team shelter! Really neat, huh?!

These days my son is really getting to be interested in other sports besides taekwondo (he is a taekwondo member at their school); I have noticed him asking about baseball, soccer, and even ping-pong, from his dad. I think that's really great since it can help with his motor skill; wouldn't want him to play indoor games (like his playstation and gameboy) all the time! Of course, as with other sports, he needs to learn discipline while playing contact sports. I hope he'll decide soon, but we're not in a hurry. After all, he's only 8years old! :)

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