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My hubby had always been fascinated about baseball, even way before we got married. One time while we sat watching television, I was switching the channels every now and then, but I was purposely avoiding the sports channels; pretty soon he noticed, though, and so I was "forced" to click on the sports channel. Hey, don't get me wrong; I have nothing against baseball! In fact, I think it's a great sport (and I like their uniforms, though the pants seem too tight, lol) but I guess I'm just not that into it compared with hubby. So, when he found out baseball was being played on the sports channel, he got control of the remote and we ended up watching that channel for a good hour before he finally relented and gave me control over what we were watching. lol.

Now my son, too, is interested in baseball. He loves playing with his uncle's baseball stuffs (mostly paraphernalia) and has been asking us about it. So I researched about baseball and found this site that sells baseball stuffs for kids. Baseball Gloves, Powerhouse Youth Baseball Bat with ADJUST-A-HIT(TM) Technology, and MLB Portable Pitching Machine are just some of the equipments they are featuring to help your child train for baseball. I think that's really great since at least now I have an idea how I will be able to help my son if ever he wants to have baseball training. Of course, it helps if I do additional research, too ... and you know what? I am slowly beginning to like this sport! Looks like hubby won't hear me complaining the next time we manage to click on the sports channel and baseball is on! ;P

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