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A Roman Holiday

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Ever since I've watched Roman Holiday (movie with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck as the main characters), I have always pictured Rome to be exciting and full of new surprises. Or maybe I'm stuck at the way Rome used to be, hahaha. But no matter, I still think that Rome is an awesome place to go to, if I'm planning for a grand vacation with my family.

Speaking of vacations, if I do plan to visit Rome, I believe I must first check out the Rome hotels, or other Rome accomodation available; or the possibility of renting out Rome apartments for my large family. Guess at what site I may be able to find these, and all accommodations set within the very heart of ancient Rome? Where else but at, of course!

Let's meet Mauro and Paola who are experts that can advice you about places to stay when you visit Italy for whatever reasons you might have. They live in Italy, so they must know what it is they are talking about, and that's the accommodations. They are said to have checked all the hotel accomodations, apartments, and inns and bed and breakfast accommodations on their list. I think that's really wonderful since they know the condition of each place and can then answer any questions that might crop up. They are reputed to be the best when it comes to quality, and all of their Rome accommodations come basically equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioning, and TVC. And you know what's also great about it? They don't have unpleasant surprises and hidden costs to each account that they get. What the client sees is what the client will be asked to pay! Now that's one more thing to not think of (the hidden costs) when I start planning my Rome Holiday! :)

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