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Waiting To Play Soccer

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My son learned that the grade school department at his school was offering soccer as one of their after-school activities last year, and since then he has never stopped bugging us (his mom and dad) about letting him attend the class. Actually, we're happy that he has taken such interest in sports (though he still loves playing with his playstation and gameboy gadgets), but what is making us hesitate is the location. The practice area is a bit far from their school, and practice is every Saturdays only; or so I was told by my son. This doesn't mean we won't be allowing him to take soccer classes, of course. We just told him that when he's older (he just turned eight) he can enroll at their school's soccer team.

Good thing my son understands, and is concentrating on his taekwondo classes instead. But he is still interested on playing soccer, that's why when I go online and see something related to soccer, I tell him all about it. That's how I found out about these Soccer Goals being sold over at Since not all of the sports stores here sell soccer sports products, I have been browsing the internet for sports shops and thats how I found out about They are the the number one when it comes to soccer related products, specially the goals. I like their portable soccer goals since it says that it is great for backyard practice. This is what my son would definitely need.

Think we will let our child enroll at their school's soccer team? Of course we will! Now that I've found an online store where I can get what he needs to improve his skill and have fun while doing it, there's no backing out now. Unless, of course he decides to change his mind about attending the class. After all, it's still a year away. :)

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