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Haven't really been updating this blog as much as I want to ... thankfully, it's summer time now. Was thinking I'd have more time to dabble with this blog, but then our helper had to leave. Meaning, I will be doing the household chores that she used to do: washing (clothes), cleaning the floors, etcetera. One thing that I won't be doing, though: iron the clothes. lol.

I think it's fine. That means I have to move around (instead of just sitting on the couch and watch tv! lol) and get all sweaty. LOL. I am trying to eliminate some of the harmful chemicals that she wanted to use (floor cleaners have now been replaced by just a vinegar and water solution), and I tell you, it feels good!

Been reading up on some natural remedies, household cleaners, food (etc...) and even if the ingredients mentioned aren't readily available in our local wet markets, I still want to try them. Some I buy online (from local suppliers), while some I buy from Healthy Options (I wish we have more similarly oriented stores). So far results are great. Loving the "super foods" (spirulina, camu camu, etc). That's for another post, though. lol.

Household chores are beckoning me. :P

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