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Kids and Music...and etcetera

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These days my teenage son seems to be getting more music-oriented than he ever was. Well, ever since he was younger he likes listening to music, usually the ones from those Japanese anime (cartoons). I must admit, the songs are catchy. These days, though, his musical preference is quite different: I haven no idea what people call it nowadays! LOL. Generation gap, huh? His younger brother wants to know what his "kuya" is listening on his iPod, so he sometimes borrows the other half of the earphones. I jokingly told them that if I want to listen, we'd better get one of those Behringer Amplifiers at musicians friend, and attach it to a loudspeaker so that everyone can hear! lol.

Kids will change. That's what I love about them. They are not that set in their ways. Unlike some adults, huh?! :P

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