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Food Friday

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This week's Featured Food Friday player is ...

Manang Kim, with her post "Chopsuey" on her site: @my tabletop.

This is one of my comfort foods! Reminds me so much of my university days (back home my parents never did cook chopsuey that much) and the moments spent eating take-out foods with my roommates. I love the different variations that I have tasted (so far!). Want to know how Manang Kim cooked hers? Then click the above shot!
------------- oo000oo -------------

Lately I have been seeing loads of corns being sold and that got me thinking: corn soup! So when I chanced upon a vegetable vendor selling white corn (not the "sweet yellow corn" that I usually see in in the supermarkets), I just had to buy some. But what really made me decide to buy the corns was because of it's freshness. It smelled sweet! Well, to me, anyway. My sons couldn't see/smell any difference, lol. So, here's my Corn Soup ...


  • corn kernels (you may use canned, or fresh)
  • ground meat (i used pork; as little/more as you like; or you may omit this)
  • onions, garlic (all diced)
  • ground cumin, salt, pepper
  • malunggay leaves (shredded, mostly just for garnish)


  • Place meat (if using meat) in pot and brown. Add oil only when needed. Add salt, pepper, diced onions, and garlic. Mix well. **If you do decide to omit the meat, just saute the onion and garlic first before adding in the kernels.
  • While the meat is cooking, remove the corn from the cobs, if using fresh corns. (Some corns I decided to just cut in half.). 
  • Once you are satisfied with the meat, dump in the corn (except for the whole ones). Mix and let them all get acquainted for a bit; around three minutes.
  • Add water. I added only till it covered the corns. Don't forget the whole (actually they are half by now, lol) ones, too! Sprinkle some ground nutmeg. Let boil, then keep simmering until the corns are done to your liking. I think I cooked mine for about ten minutes. Or so.
  • Adjust seasoning.
  • Garnish with some shredded malunggay leaves before serving. Yummy when eaten warm.

I was excited about cooking this since the corns were really fresh! In fact, I was surprised that it actually tasted sweet! I mean, the white corn that am used to is not that sweet compared to the yellow sweet corn. I think I like this variety better. lol. We had that with buttered bread and my sons asked for seconds! :)

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5 shared thoughts:

Oggi at: Fri Jan 24, 01:05:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Fresh corn soup looks inviting specially with our current wintry weather.

Hazel Ceej at: Fri Jan 24, 01:58:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I'm seeing a lot of corn in the market nowadays. Thanks for the idea. Tomorrow I'll see if I can try corn soup. I haven;t had any since the holidays.

Winnie at: Fri Jan 24, 03:00:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Thank you Maiylah for the party
Enjoy the weekend :)

Kriska Marie at: Fri Jan 24, 10:42:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Oh I love corn soup! I also cooked corn soup just last Wednesday :D

Nicholas V at: Sat Jan 25, 10:51:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Chop suey was somehting I first had at University also!
Thanks for hosting.

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