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No Hurries

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When I was young, I could never understand why our parents "forced" us to learn how to play the piano. I know I made every excuse I can think of, just so I can stay away from the piano lessons, but it was all for nothing. lol. Now I understand why. Being a parent, I want my kids to experience things that I know would help them become much better persons, and learning at least one musical instrument (in my book) is a good thing. My eldest wanted to take violin lessons, but we couldn't find a suitable teacher at his school while my youngest these days seems more musically inclined than his older brother. I could be mistaken, of course. It's just that every time we go to the mall he wants to drop by every music shop we see, and yes, he is the type of person that drools at every exciting yamaha pa speakers at guitar centers! He says he wants to learn how to play the guitar, then the next day he says he wants to learn how to play the drums! I am happy that he is interested, but confused as to which instrument he wants to focus on, when he gets older.

Still waiting, while he makes up his mind. :)

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Winnie at: Tue Dec 10, 09:42:00 PM GMT+8 said...

In my neighborhood almost everyone had piano lessons, and I actually loved it!
And the girls all took ballet lessons.... :)
Your sons will probable learn the guitar first....

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