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I grew up learning how to play the piano, but never really got the habit of practicing. Our parents insisted we all learn how to play the piano and am so glad they were adamant about it (I didn't know any better back then). I used to complain about it, but our parents wouldn't even entertain the thought. Well, some older sisters excelled in it, and even our youngest, but not me. Oh, I can read the notes and play a tune, but that's just about it. However, now that I am a mom I want my kids to learn at least one musical instrument, too; and since we don't have a "real" piano here at home, am thinking of something similar to one of those exciting korg sv-1 at musicians friend. It would be awesome getting one of those. Perfectly space saving, too!

But first, have to ask my sons if they like the idea! :)

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