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Taking Pictures

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I have always liked taking pictures. That's why when a friend living abroad offered to buy my first ever Canon camera (it was a point and shoot, but relatively bulky because of the amazing zoom capabilities, which was kind of unheard at that time - the canon powershot S1 IS), I hesitated. Not because it was bulky (she assured me that she'll use foambymail packing foam sheets),but because I wasn't sure which courier she'll use. My family and I were living in the province back then, and sad to say, courier services from abroad were very limited. Good thing she chose one that assured her they can deliver the camera straight to our doorstep!

I tell you, I was totally overjoyed when I received the package! So so happy.

Nowadays, even if I already have a dslr, I mostly use my phone to take pictures. lol. I am hooked into Hipstamatic. Yeah, toy-like camera results. :D

2 shared thoughts:

Jenn at: Thu Mar 28, 12:52:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Sis, which courier did they go for? A friend from Texas wants to send some nail polish kasi kaso di alam paano - you know naman pag pinadaan sa post office.

maiylah at: Thu Mar 28, 02:37:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Thanks, sis. She used Johnny Air Cargo; I hope you receive your nail polish soon! :)

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