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I take a lot of pictures. As in, a lot! Normally I don't have any specific idea about the kind of shots that I take because most of the time it's just spontaneous. I just make sure I have my camera with me all the time. My first camera was categorized as a point and shoot, so carrying it around was no problem. It was only when we upgraded to a dslr (digital single lens reflex) camera that I began having issues. Oh, nothing big; it's just that most of the time I prefer taking macro shots, but when we go out I like taking landscape shots, too. That means two lenses for the dslr... and meaning more space needed! Heavier, too. Eventually we got another dslr, and yes, bulkier bags. lol. But it can't be helped; we just love taking pictures!

Getting them printed is another concern, though. One of the moms I am acquainted with, and who is a professional photographer, suggested some labs that do reliable poster printing (among other services), which she patronizes. She currently has her own photo studio, which she manages and operates together with her husband. However, photo sessions with them have to be scheduled (no walk-ins) since they are both currently working for a television company, which takes up most of their time. It's great how they have managed to run their own studio and at the same time work for one of the biggest television companies in the country! Awesome! That's why I immediately looked online when she showed me her prints, and said, "So go ahead and have a look at the site. You'll love not only their poster printing and the variety of other services that they offer, but also the quality of the products!". I was happy to note that prices were competitive, site navigation was simple, and the reviews were positive. Will be ordering from them real soon!

Selling my prints would be a dream come true, but for now I am just as happy snapping away whenever I have the time. Taking pictures is therapeutic for me. :)

2 shared thoughts:

Winnie at: Sun Mar 03, 03:01:00 PM GMT+8 said...

You do take wonderful photos and I wish you that your dream will come true SOON :)

maiylah at: Wed Mar 06, 07:33:00 PM GMT+8 said...

aww, thanks so much, Winnie! <3

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