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Food Friday

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This week's Featured in Food Friday player is...

Manang Kim, who owns the blog @my tabletop, with her blog post: Street Food.

Most of us like to nibble or munch in between meals. We all try to eat healthy (well, at least I'd like to think so) but of course sometimes we just can't resist all those sweet/spicy/salty/savoury/oily snacks that is all around us. I don't think eating chips is bad but everything must be in moderation. Enough said, lol. Just head on over to Manang Kim's post and check out what else they had that day! Just click on the shot above and you'll get there safe and sound. 
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My food post for this week is something that I used to have on a weekly basis when I was growing up: Sauteed Halaan (Ark Shell) <------ am not sure if that's the proper name of the bivalve, so do correct me if i'm wrong. :)


  • fresh live halaan shells (I bought a kilo)
  • ginger, onion, garlic (all thinly sliced and diced)
  • vegetable oil, pepper, water


  • Place the shells on water and set aside.
  • Prepare the ginger, onion, and garlic. You may opt to pound the ginger and garlic, like what we used to do back then...I just like mine small since I like to eat the garlic bits. Weird, I know. lol
  • Heat the pan, then add the vegetable oil (use whatever oil you like). Place the ginger, onion and garlic on to the pan, then stir for about a minute or so under low heat.
  • Remove the shells from the water then dump them on the hot pan. Stir for a bit then add water (just enough to cover the shells). Add pepper.
  • Cover and let simmer for around five to ten minutes, or until the shells have opened.
  • Best served hot.

We were fortunate enough to be growing up on a coastal area so we had access to all the fresh bounty that the surrounding waters had to offer. Shot above was taken two days ago when I accompanied SIL to the wet market...and that's where I saw the "halaan". Of course, I just had to buy one kilo to bring home (it costs only Php40 - more or less just US$1!!) and cook them (with my SIL's permission, of course, since that's where we're staying right now)! lol.

*all shots taken using fancy-shmancy shots in my food post today! lol. :D

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8 shared thoughts:

Luna Miranda at: Fri May 25, 12:25:00 AM GMT+8 said...

i love halaan! i add oyster sauce, garnish it with spring onions and let it simmer. tsalap!:p

Kim, USA at: Fri May 25, 07:30:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Yay thank you for featuring me again. Chichiriya as we call it too, is what I missed so much kaya hala munch everything I see kahit nag ka stomach ache na ako the other day lol!! ^_^


Oggi at: Fri May 25, 08:00:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Wow ang mura ng halaan. I also love them cooked simply with onion and ginger. Sarap!

Iska at: Fri May 25, 11:23:00 AM GMT+8 said...

That dish is refreshingly good! My mom's version (and I follow haha!) is very similar minus the sauteing. Just boil the aromatics in a pot then dump the clams in :-)

KGilbert at: Fri May 25, 08:21:00 PM GMT+8 said...

This looks so delicious!!!

Nicholas V. at: Fri May 25, 09:07:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Interesting post. Seafood and shellfish is quite healthy, provided it's cooked in a healthy way too. Your halaan look a bit like cockles or pippies, which we have here in Australia.

Thank you for hosting!

anney at: Fri May 25, 10:47:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Yoko sya ulam sa kanin gusto ko ganyan lang pag kinain ko.Sarap ng soup nyan!

Mirage at: Mon May 28, 04:30:00 AM GMT+8 said...

So envious of all the fresh seafood here! I love halaan with shrimp ang malunggay! :D

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