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Rent Textbooks Instead. Why not?

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Let's face it: quality education is expensive. But that must not stop you from getting the education that you need! In fact, you should find ways how you might be able to earn that college degree you've been dreaming about!

I guess you can say I was lucky: my parents had the means to send me to the university that offers the best education I can ever get (here in my country) with the course of my choice: Veterinary Medicine. The university is VERY FAR from home; to get there we had to ride a plane (though of course you can also utilize the bus which takes far too long, imho), a provincial bus, and a jeepney. I know, almost like a whole day of travelling. But that didn't stop me. In fact, I was so excited! (Remember, I was still a teenager at that time. So excited to be out on my own!)

I was (and still am) thankful I had that experience though trust me, some experiences I wish happened differently. One of them would have been the opportunity to rent textbooks over at Renting textbooks can save you lots of money (somewhere between 40-90%) as well as sparing you the hassles of book storage after the semester has ended. There are other perks when you register, too! You can actually win in one of their monthly giveaways even if you are not a paying customer. But do you know what I like best about their site? You can rent books even if you are not a student! Yeah, I graduated decades ago. lol.

Am actually thinking of renting out their Merck Veterinary Manual; but it's not for me. It's for hubby, since he's always on the field, visiting farms. That book is almost like a bible for us veterinarians...a perfect reference/guide.

Or I just might buy it from them and give it to hubby as a gift! So loving the idea... :)

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