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Camote Tops

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Sauteed Camote (Sweet Potato) Tops with Rice and Roasted Chicken

My sister bought lots of camote (sweet potato) tops a few days ago and decided to share some of them; I wanted to cook my share with coconut milk but didn't have the ingredients (specifically the fresh coconut milk!). So, decided on simply just sauteing them. lol.

Went well with the roasted chicken we had delivered for lunch. :D

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2 shared thoughts:

Pearl at: Fri Sep 02, 02:10:00 PM GMT+8 said...

my youngest daughter loves camote tops, she can eat a plateful all by herself :-) dropping by from Weekday Potluck!

maiylah at: Sat Sep 03, 04:37:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Pear's a good thing my sons like it, too!
...thanks so much for visiting and the commentluv. <3

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