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InLinkz = Awesome!

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Just in case you haven't noticed, I have started using a new linky system for Food Friday. Yup, it's InLinkz.

Initially I wanted a linky tool that doesn't require payment (yeah, a Scrooge, LOL...but hey, it always helps if you scrimp and save! i know, REASONS! lol), and I did try a few. At first I was satisfied with the first free linky that I used (for Food Friday); that is, until I changed templates. Next were two linkies which I used before I had my meme...but they were costly when I revisited their pages. They both exceeded my US$20 budget, if you want to get the best that they were offering. Blogging is big business! lol

To make a long story short: I ended up with InLinkz and so far I am very much satisfied with my subscription. What really tickles me are the thumbnail pics that you can cute and functional!

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