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Heavy and bloated Me!

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After that more-than-a-month vacation at my parent's house, I feel like I'm bloated! Yes, there was too much eating going on while we were there. My parents are like that: they have this set of routines and one of them is that you must eat regularly and on time. Food there consists mostly of fish and veggies (my fave combo!) but am afraid it's not healthy anymore when you consume more than what you're supposed to. Yeah, hence why I feel bloated!

Exercise is a good thing...and hopefully I'll develop some firm muscles in certain areas (biceps and triceps; where else?! lol). I wonder if I'll achieve faster results if I use creatine products? I have heard from a friend that it worked wonders for her! Hmmmm. But, let's see. I need to do some exercising first! :D

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