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Are you superstitious when it comes to weddings? My family sure is! I'm not saying it's a bad thing (or a good thing), but weddings are a family effort (in my case) so we had to follow some certain 'rules'. One of them is to set the date at a certain time...everything has to be perfect: moon phase and number sign, for example. We both took everything in stride and followed the 'rules'... after all, if it was supposed to bring more blessings, then why not, right? ;)

One of the fun things that I remembered then was getting gifts. Yup, we gave away gifts to those who helped us, too! If I had known there were online groomsmen gifts I would have checked them out! But, internet that time was a bit unheard of...stuffs only really rich people could afford. There were internet cafe around, but getting your house hooked with internet costs an arm and a leg back then. Good thing it's pretty affordable now!

On to weddings: know why I suddenly thought of it? Well, that's because I saw some wonderful pre-wedding shots of an internet friend a few hours ago and I couldn't help but think of my wedding a decade ago. LOL

It's fun reminiscing... :)

ps. need to find some of those wedding shots of mine...I know I'll have fun playing! :D

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