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Going Away...

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One of hubby's cousin recently left for another country, together with his wife and daughter. I think it's great that they wanted something more (hence their reason to migrate), but you can't discount the fact that they will be far from their families. Of course, emotional ties will always be there but I think it's different since this time the other members of the family won't just be a bus ride away.

On the other hand, I know that they are mainly thinking of their daughter's future. They want her to get the best that they can give, and if it means getting out of the country and be away from family...well, then they had to take that big leap.

That got me thinking: are their commodities there cheap? I wonder if they can find any cheap cigars there. Nope, I don't smoke, but I know a friend who does! He complains most of the time that he can't find cheap ones here, so he has to settle for the expensive ones just to satisfy his 'craving'. It's not an everyday thing, though. Mostly during special when he wants to celebrate something. I wonder if he needs one right now... :)

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