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Weekly Questions (#48)

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It is a scary thought (being diagnosed with any disease), but we normally don't let it affect us that much. Of course, we have to be extra careful (more vigilant that the kids ~ as well as the adults ~ wash their hands, eat nourishing foods, take their vitamins, and change shirts specially when they perspire), but we still go through our usual routines. I must admit though, that I now take the time to "de-stress" regularly (i think that that will help boost one's immune system). And that means sleeping regularly! LOL.

I just hope that the disease will be "stopped" soon.

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julie at: Thu May 07, 08:44:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Taking precautions should not take a backseat, whether there is an impending danger of getting sick or not,di ba? Mahirap na.

How was your vacation?

(I have a FF entry tomorrow,baka ma Akismet na naman ulit, hehehe!)

Thanks Maiylah :)

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