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Before I got married, my job consisted mostly of being out in the field and jostling with the cows. Yeah, literally. I was given the task of managing a cattle farm and things were pretty rough most of the time. I loved my job, though what I didn't really enjoy were the people who made our job difficult. That would be some of the bosses and farm hands who had a mind of their own; no team spirit. When life gets to be quite distressing, my colleagues and I would go out of the farm and "have a party". Biosecurity wasn't really an issue at the farm since it wasn't that big and few salesmen/saleswomen ever ventured there. Blame it all on it being a government-owned farm, where the buying of equipments and other necessities are being done in an office far from the farm. I liked it that way; less hassles.

Billiards was certainly one of the things we enjoy, though for the life of me I haven't really gotten the hang of the game. All I did then was just drink and watch them play. I have often wondered where they got their billiard supplies; maybe from I noticed that that site carries most brands and offers competitive prices, too.

But all that is behind me now. No regrets. I enjoyed the time I stayed with the company and have learned a great deal! It was just time to move on ... :)

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