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Families these days get separated for lots of reasons, and the sad thing really is that the kids are the ones that get affected the most. Am not saying that the parents aren't affected also, of course. Everybody is emotionally affected, including friends and other members of the family. It's just that the kids (specially if they are still small) can't fully grasp right away what happened and so sometimes they might think it's their fault. It's sad, really. For everyone.

I have a friend online who divorced her husband because they just couldn't stand being together anymore. I was shocked when I learned about it since they were all so lovey-dovey before. I guess you just can't really tell, specially when trials/challenges comes along. She was given custody of their child, and her husband also had father's rights when it came to their son's well-being.
I know my friend had a hard time adjusting to her life back then, but she felt that she wasn't happy anymore, and so had to do what was for her the right choice...

Honestly, am not sure if I would have done the same thing. I guess it also depends on one's culture and beliefs. Divorce is unheard of in my family and the couple just weathers everything that comes their way ... together.

Life isn't all a bed of roses. We just do what we feel is right. And as much as possible without hurting others.

All of us. :)

1 shared thoughts:

Ruri at: Sun Feb 01, 09:17:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I agree. The reason because of that, people getting married because of love. No deep commitment.

In my religion told us to commit. "Married women you love, love women you married". That's the correct one.

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