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Weekly Questions (#32 and #33)

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weekly questions

WQ #33: How was your Christmas?
This time it's different for us, since we have a new baby in the family. We couldn't be as mobile as we want (the baby's still small to go malling, lol. in our opinion, anyway. hehe), so we went to my MIL's place in the province to celebrate Christmas. Our older son, who first wanted to spend his Christmas vacation at my parent's place (also in the province), decided finally to join us since he said that he didn't want to miss his younger brother's first Christmas (sweet, i know ... lol). We all had a wonderful time, just being together. :)

WQ #32: What are the Christmas traditions you and your family practice?
We usually get together and have a feast. lol. Nobody gets to look online for car insurance quotes since everybody's busy eating. Of course, sometimes there are quiet times but that rarely happens. Everyone's so busy talking and eating that there wouldn't be enough room to just sit and be quiet.
In hubby's family (we were there on Christmas Day) we ate noche buena together and then the cousins go visit and greet the lolos and lolas (and maybe get something in return, like the "red envelope" or a new shirt, or food specially prepared for them) and do lots of eating and chatting. There were certainly lots of visitors at my MIL's place that day. Tiring (and noisy! lol) but a fun-filled day for us all.

2 shared thoughts:

julie at: Wed Dec 31, 05:06:00 PM GMT+8 said...

How sweet of your boy to decide like that :)

Its good that you don't bring your baby to the mall, who knows what bacteria and viruses lurk there, ewww.That was a wise decision, maybe when he is a bit older na lang.

Lovely Christmas spent with family :)

Thanks for joining the WQ and I wish you the best for the coming year! :)

maiylah at: Wed Dec 31, 07:32:00 PM GMT+8 said...

thanks, T. Julie.
a blessed and happy new year to your family, too! :)

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