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weekly questions

WQ #22:
Did the mother do the right thing, giving her daughter money in secrecy, to add to what has to be paid from that stolen fund?

Was the mother able to teach her daughter a lesson or not?

Do you think the daughter is a responsible person?

~ i don't think that the mother did the right thing ... helping her daughter in secret. i believe that it should be out in the open, specially in the family. the daughter sounds like a responsible person, but like everyone else, she made a mistake and she has to pay for it (literally!). :)

WQ #21:
Do you think NOW is really the time to patronize our locally made milk and milk products or would you still trust products manufactured in other countries?

~ i would still trust the milk from other countries ... but it is also a good thing to patronize locally produced milk and milk products. have you tried the ice cream being made over at DTRI in UP Los Ba┼łos? tastes really good, including their other products. though am not so sure if they still make them to this day ... :)

1 shared thoughts:

julie at: Fri Oct 17, 10:42:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Thanks for answering the WQ, Maiylah.

It is hard being a mother, a parent because decisions and actions affect the family members, the family dynamics.

We have been patronizing locally made milk products for a long time so we weren't scared but of course, as a parent, I had had some doubts about the safety of my children during these times.

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