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It's summer here in my country right now (actually, already the middle of summer!), and what a fun way to spend some of it traveling, don't you think so? It would be great being away from the summer heat for some time, and go somewhere really cool, like maybe stay in one of those Hotels in Paris, or maybe one of those Hotels in London! :)

Of course, I know that those are just wishful thinking, but there's a wonderful site where you can get Hotels in Manchester and even Hotels in Amsterdam at great prices! And even if you're with your family and friends, or traveling alone, you'd be sure to get reservations right away! I think that's really convenient!

As for my family and I, we've been to my MIL's place a couple of times during the summer, and we love it there (because it's way up in the mountains where it's really cool). Hopefully, though, hubby will have more vacation leave so that we can go visit more places! :)

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