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Saving and Playing

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I haven't really ever tried playing in one of those Online Poker Rooms, but I heard from one friend who's such an avid player that he loves visiting those different sites where you can not only play poker online, but also get great ideas and strategies! One of the sites which he frequents is the one over at, and he told me to go and visit them, too.

I know some people aren't too fond of gambling, but I believe that for some people it's kind of therapeutic. Of course, if you are betting real money, then you must have complete discipline; you can get so carried away at times that you might not have noticed the time and how much you have been spending! That's one of the best advices my friend has given me: discipline. Am really so glad that he told me, since sometimes I do have the tendency to just go on and on, specially if I'm enjoying myself so much. But I still haven't tried betting real money online, though.

The actual reason why I still haven't tried betting using real money is because I still don't have the extra cash for that; I view that as a luxury, and somehow money for that kind of thing is just not so easy to come by these days. lol. I mean, there are just so many other things to pay/buy. Like, pay for my son's dentist, or the gift which we promised him for his birthday, or else something else that needed to be paid, like the bills. Hopefully, when I have enough money for everything else, I'd have saved for something like online games, too! :)

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