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Do you know what's that shot below? Well, if you're not familiar with that, that's a piece of rare coral! Nope, I did not take that shot, but the seller did. Cute, isn't it? Well, I definitely find it cute! lol. What I just don't like is the price, though; it's being sold in ebay right now for around US$1000! I guess it's because it's a rather rare coral which was being grown in a home tank. Awesome, isn't it?
I know there are other interesting stuffs being sold in ebay right now, but you can sell your ebay items through iSold It, too! Hooking up to them would really help you a lot, specially if you sell a lot of things through ebay.

What they do would be to help you estimate the value after you show them your items; then after that once it's accepted they will take pictures to be posted and listed in ebay for auction. They will send you a link to the auction page so that you can see what's happening. Once it's sold, they will take care of the shipping and when everything is totally done, they will send you your check! Definitely convenient for those who like selling items on ebay, but quite busy to check it out 24hours a day; don't you think so? :)
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