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It's been almost a year now since I started monetizing my blog, and I must say, I really enjoy doing it! The benefits are great, too! I have been able to help with my family's financial needs (though of course hubby's salary does most of the paying and buying around here, lol), as well as get to buy most of my wants (like my canon EOS camera together with the case). It's really a great set-up since I get to stay at home (I get to personally take care of our son as well as help save on gas money) and earn! Now that I have my own laptop (thanks to hubby and part of my blogging money), staying connected to the internet is easier even when we're out of the house. It's really so cool!

Even if my blog is already approved in some of the get-paid-to-blog sites, I am still on the look-out for similar sites; and I'm really glad I got hooked up with SocialSpark! Am so lucky to have my blog approved! Getting to interact with both bloggers and advertisers is great and that's one of the features that they offer. In the end, both the advertisers as well as the bloggers can benefit from this new site!

So what about you? Interested in building more traffic and links to your site (for advertisers), or want to generate money from your blogs (bloggers) while you get connected to the internet? Whatever your reason, I suggest you go and check them out now! Am so sure you'd be glad you did! :)
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