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Staying in Touch

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Back when my sister used to live abroad, and internet wasn't such a big thing then, the only option that was really available to us if we wanted to know immediately how she was doing was through long distance calls. We had to schedule it, of course, since her time there was vastly different from ours. What happens usually is that we either call her late at night or very early in the morning (in our time, of course). Since we were around half a day ahead of her time, we had to schedule our calls. But that was a minor inconvenience for us, since we all wanted to know how she was doing.

Those days we didn't have any phone cards like the ones that are available today. If we call from our place it was a tad more expensive, but from her place since phone cards were easily available, it was cheaper. So usually she does the calling. But now that phone cards are available, even through the internet, it's now so easy to call or contact family and friends living abroad. Definitely a great way to save money while renewing family/friendly ties! :)

Of course, the internet these days is available, too, but not everybody's got a computer and internet connection. A phone is more readily accessible in most areas.

What about you, do you use phone cards to keep in touch, too? :)

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