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Lensbaby 3G summer shot

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palm leaves

Taken using lensbaby 3G ... still trying to get the hang of it. Does need time to get used to, but it's fun. Definitely not one of the best shots there is, using the lensbaby, but I think it's ok. hahaha.

I remember a blogger once said that you can get the lensbaby effect using photoshop, and I believe her. I mean, with photoshop we can do almost anything! As in ANYTHING! hahaha. However, I am lazy when it comes to dabbling with photoshop, except when it comes to digital scrapbooking. :)

Usually I use picasa2 first when I try to view and edit my shots. Photoshop comes much later. Don't get me wrong; I believe that photoshop is great! Sometimes it just takes too much 'thinking' for me, though. I am lazy. Sometimes. :)

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