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Parking Problems?

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A college friend of mine was sent to London for an education grant and I must say, she really loved it there! She said that the people in the university were really nice and helpful, including the ones where she lived (which was a bit far from the university). She said that she had to buy a car since it was much more convenient for her. Parking London area was a bit of a problem, though. I mean her apartment was a bit small and she had no garage. Know what she did? She asked a friend there if she can park her car at their place! It was a good thing that her friend consented, or else owning a car would really be a problem for her.

It's a good thing that you can rent parking spaces these days, though. Yup, that's really true and much safer than leaving your car outside and unprotected! I bet the thieves will have a fun time choosing which car to steal! Even if your car is equipped with an alarm some car thieves know what to do to disable it; so better be safe: place it in a garage! You'll be able to sleep much better, too, knowing that you car is safe, and is sure to be around the next day! :)

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