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One of my childhood friends have always wanted to live abroad and when she was given the chance to work at an embassy which was located outside the country, she immediately took the chance. Things weren't really that great in the beginning since she had to adjust to a lot of things, like the different language and culture. But still, she persisted and eventually settled down. She has since had a divorce, though, and switched different jobs. I know it must have been hard for her at times, living in a foreign country with a kid. But since she had always wanted to live in France, she continued living there.

Every now and then we chat online and she has even invited me to stay at her place when I do decide to take a vacation in Paris! She said that if we schedule it just right she might be able to take a leave of absence from her work and show us around the place. She has been living there for around twenty years now, and I'm sure she's familiar with the best places to visit!

Tours in Paris are being advertised in the internet and I must say, it's really inviting! Now if only my family and I will be able to save enough money for a Paris vacation! :)

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