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A former high school classmate who just recently moved to another country if finding herself more techno-savvy these days. Before, she never really touched the computer except when she needs to input her students' grades at the school's computer, or maybe to chat with some online friends. She said that computers then looked kind of scary and complex. But now, after getting her first notebook, she's no longer that afraid with experimenting online! In fact, she's an expert when it comes to sublime savings on trendy clothing from Gap, Old Navy, Aeropostale and Urban Outfitters! I guess it's because she's online most of her free time and have the luxury of browsing around for great deals.

One time, while she was looking for electronic gadgets online, as a surprise for her hubby, she also chanced to find some neat pet treats for their puppy! So cool! She managed to surprise both of them that day. :)

It's really great if you've got extra time to browse around the internet for great deals and bargains since you can save money. Sometimes, though, the coupons or deals are limited so it's a good thing if you get to it first!

As for me, maybe I should start surfing around, too! :)

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