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Great Flowers!

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Flower of any kind can really soften up any lady's heart, specially when it's bunched up with a few other flowers in an elegant way! Actually, I'm not that sure if a one deozen roses can melt any women's heart, but for sure it will melt mine! :)

But do you know that when I was still in college I really didn't care much about flowers? Yeah, you read that right! However, when I got my first digital camera I just couldn't stop taking pictures of my mom's flowers at her garden; that experience made me realize that flowers are indeed special! It just took a digital camera to made me realize that, huh?! Yeah, silly me! :)

There are lots of great florists, and maybe you might even have one in your neighborhood! If there's one near you, then you're pretty lucky! But if you want to try online, then do check out! They not only have just flowers, but also organic gifts for persons that you care about (like their organic fuits and gourmet tower), and you can even add a plush toy, too! Now that's really cute!

As for me, since my sister nearby has a garden of her own (I don't have one; my place is too small!), so when I have the time, I go there and check out her flowers and vegetables. Together with my digital camera, of course! :)

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