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Finding Car Covers ...

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Since our car normally has no roof over it every night (though it is parked inside our lot), hubby has been thinking of checking out the car covers being for sale over at the malls here in our area. All it takes, really, is that you know you car's model and ask the sales ladies if they have one for your car. Of course, it is also important that you will be paying for a good quality car cover! Or so I thought ...

We did check out one of the malls here near us and asked around, but it seems that they didn't have what we needed. There was one, but we didn't really like the quality/material of the car cover; seems like we were paying too much for a poorly made one! Believe me, I never knew that it would be that hard! Or maybe we were just not looking in the proper places, huh?!

I know that you can order one online these days, but somehow, with something like this I'm not so sure if hubby will agree to it. I mean, like our experience at the mall: we initally thought that the product was great, but when we actually handled/touched the product, we were turned off!

But we haven't lost hope. One of these days, I know we'll find the perfect one! :)

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