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This is definitely something new for me, and I'm very excited about it: an HD Digital Radio! Doesn't sound so funky or anything, but once you know the difference it can make to listening radio, you'll know it's really awesome!

But first, you need to get an HD Radio Receiver since this is where all those stations will be picked up. Those New York High Definition Radio stations will definitely sound like they came from your compact disk, instead of the "usual" quality! Isn't that just great? What's more, the music will be displayed on the screen of your HD radio which has an iPod dock with iTunes Tagging, so that once you tag a music, you will be able to download it through iTunes! Pretty cool, huh?!

This is definitely something that you should try, specially if you are passionate about music and you love hearing music the way it is supposed to be heard: high definition! Definitely no hiss, no distortion!

So go on, visit the site and see how you, too, may be able to experience music the way it should be! Oh, I almost forget to mention: subscription is FREE! No monthly charge or subscription cost, as what every radio station should be! :)

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