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Wi fi Connectivity

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Imagine yourself inside a mall, waiting for a friend. Somehow, your friend seems to be arriving late. After about ten minutes waiting, your friend calls up and says he'll be arriving after fifteen minutes, something just came up... Now, I know most of us doesn't like waiting, but if we really do like our friend, them most probably we'll wait. In the meantime, what to do while waiting? Surf the internet!

Technology such as a wi fi connection is pretty common nowadays, specially in urban areas. It seems like we don't want to be disconnected anymore, wherever we might go. I guess that's the competitive nature in us; we want to be always informed, be on top of the situation all the time.

Personally, I think that's a good thing. Having wi fi broadband connection, one of the services offered by, you will never feel like you've been left out. You can have wi fi at home, too; offers a wireless next-generation router, giving you convenient wireless connection to all your broadband enabled devices at home. Isn't that neat!

So, the next time a friend calls and he/she is going to be late, don't worry about getting bored. Just get out your notebook, and continue surfing! :)

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