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Friend and her Decision

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A friend once bought a vacuum cleaner since she decided that it will make cleaning her house easier; how she regretted that decision! After just a few days of using it, she began having problems; it seemed to be clogged, specially the part with the bag. After thinking that her work will be easier, it turned out to be a nightmare! Now she has an appliance that is a problem, and her housework problem wasn't solved!

I believe she should have researched first about vacuum cleaners and who the leading makers are; she should have bought the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner! Eliminating the bag that goes with the vacuum, James Dyson invented an industrial cyclone tower vacuum cleaner using centrifugal forces to remove and pick up minute particles of dust. If your Dyson vacuum cleaner needs accessories, then you won't have any problem finding Dyson genuine accessories. You can order them over at their site,

I just wish my friend have known about Dyson vacuums before buying; now she is stuck with a broken vacuum! Well, now we know better: the next time you decide to buy something as important as a vacuum cleaner, look for the Dyson brand!

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