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Wedding and Furnitures

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A friend has always wanted to be a wedding photographer. I imagine she wants to capture those precious moments with her camera, and be able to convey through her shots those feelings. I have toyed with the idea, but somehow the thought of taking pictures of people and having them pay me for doing that doesn't seem to sit well with me. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, since it is perfectly legal. Blame it all on me getting all shy and everything. I wouldn't know how to tell them to move this way, or to look a certain way! That job is far more suiting to others, than me. lol.

You know, I think that giving Furniture to newlyweds is a great idea. It's kind of hard trying to find a furniture store, though, since there are lots of those around. Even trying to find a Furniture Online can be daunting, for some. But do you know where I want to go when I think of furnitures online? I visit! Their site is so easy to browse through, I just love the experience. Go check them out! :)

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